Come ho realizzato il mio primo Micromosaico non filato

How I made my first non-spun Micromosaic

I made my first micromosaic without knowing how to spin glass.

I was taught every type of mosaic, from every historical period, every technique with the exception of the minute Roman micromosaic.

A mysterious art, so much so that it makes it difficult for me to find a master willing to teach it to me.

I am resilient by nature, I would never have allowed a lack of knowledge of the technique to prevent me from creating my first micromosaic, so I decided to get to the final result by taking another path, my own.

I didn't know how to spin tiles? I learned to cut them by hand with a hammer.

I didn't own and didn't know how to make Roman stucco? I tested various glues until I found the one with the right hold, texture and drying time.

Are marbles not included in the classic micromosaic because they cannot be spun? I don't know how to spin but I definitely know how to cut, I'm more than happy to add them.

Juxtaposing the marble micro tiles with the glass paste ones was the thing that gave me the greatest satisfaction because the effect was truly that of a miniature ancient Roman mosaic.

I don't fill with waxes and I don't sand my non-spun micro mosaics (contrary to what is done with spun ones), not even on request, as they are made of two different materials (glass paste and marble) with the risk of damaging the natural material he is very tall.

The secret was to have patience and a shamefully tireless tenacity.

The first few times to be able to make a micro card I had to try 20-25 times, now I can cut them without seeing them.

I am proud of my micromosaics because they are the most obvious symbol that if you persist in your goal you achieve wonderful things.
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