Hey it's me, the founder of Asaroton

My name is Jessica and I am an Italian mosaic master.

I was born and raised in Friuli Venezia Giulia where the mosaic culture is deeply rooted in the territory, so much so that it hosts the most famous and renowned mosaic school in the world.

My journey in mosaic began at the Mosaic School where incredible masters guided me in learning the technique and continues to evolve over the years between collaborations with large and small laboratories in Italy and abroad.

I had the pleasure of participating in the creation of mosaics for the boutiques of big names in fashion, the floors of the Arlatan hotel in Provence and the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington.


As the years go by I realize I need freedom.

Freedom to design and tell stories through mosaic in a way that was not possible within large laboratories.

Thus I began to design my first contemporary mosaic works and almost for fun experimented with combinations of tiles on costume jewellery.


Fate wanted me and a goldsmith to meet in this period and my experimentation became more serious and increasingly curious.


The pieces became smaller and smaller and the challenges bigger and bigger.

The mosaic school does not train students in micro mosaic and at the beginning I had to re-educate my hands to cut tiny tiles to try to get closer to the

result of a minute Roman micromosaic.

So from the classic jewel I create my first NON-SPUN micromosaic with the addition of marble.

A triumph.


Years of training have led my hands to have such muscle memory that I was able to cut tiles so small that they were lost between my fingers so much so that I couldn't even see them at the moment of cutting.

I understand that I have potential. I begin to design the marble micromosaic jewel by studying historical and architectural documents.

The Rome Collection is born.

After a long time making micro tiles, with my fingertips now worn out, I feel the need to return to classic mosaic and I begin a collection of mosaics inspired by my favorite Roman mosaic. This is how the Asaroton Home Collection was born.

My curiosity and my desire to get involved, however, does not stop.

Studying the Asaroton shapes again gives me the idea of ​​making pendants inspired by this mosaic without necessarily inserting tiles.


I purchase my first waxes to model the shapes of the pendants, the first model is beautiful, I purchase others and make prototypes of all the elements I prefer from the Asaroton of Aquileia and Rome.

I find a goldsmith who deals with the manual production of every single pendant through the lost wax casting technique (a technique also used in ancient Rome) and thus the Asaroton Jewels Collection was born.

Now there are many other projects and ideas cooking and I can't wait to realize them and tell you about them to give a new life and a new story to an art that is as ancient as it is undervalued.