Collection: CELEB

The CELEB Collection is a collection of portraits that I am particularly proud of.

The mosaic can give many emotions to the mosaicist who creates it but when we talk about the creation of a face we reach a higher level of satisfaction.

The creation of portraits is certainly the most difficult thing to translate into mosaic, all it takes is to tilt a tile one millimeter too much to ruin the expression of a face.

When you make a face you can't cheat. If the shape and color of a card are not correct, the physiognomy changes, deviating from the real face and therefore the portrait loses all meaning.

An average of 250 hours of work are needed to create a face of this type.

As in most of my works, even in these types of work I prefer natural materials, I strongly believe that the complexions give their best with the tones and materiality of the marble, stones and ancient paste bricks found in the streams.