The creation of a mosaic can be compared to a planned journey as much as to an adventure. The need for an organized procedure merges with the sensitivity to color and shapes of the master mosaicist.

Each tile passes through the hands several times, from its first cut to the final finishing touches and finally being placed next to the others.

The materials I prefer are natural ones, marble and river pebbles make up the majority of my works.

There are many marbles in my laboratory, some very well known such as Botticino and Carrara, others very valuable and difficult to find such as Giallo Siena and Azul Macaubas.

Many Marbles come from Italy and many others come from Brazil, Spain, India and many other places.

The stones and pebbles are individually collected in the rivers and mountain streams of Friuli Venezia Giulia (Italy).

Creating a complex range of colors while remaining faithful to natural materials is a challenge that I have always accepted with pleasure, many times I manage to find a particular shade of gray rather than green in a river pebble that will be unique and unrepeatable.

The nature of these materials is therefore to be considered changeable.

From a type of marble or stone it is possible to obtain different shades, anomalous color veins or even fossilizations.


Yellow and white gold tiles have been the most precious mosaic material for centuries.

What makes these tiles extremely precious beyond their value is their completely artisanal creation.

These square nuggets are produced in Venice by masters who have preserved and continue to pass on the art of Byzantine gold tiles since the most distant times.