How to maintain the quality of your marble micromosaic jewellery

We want your micromosaic jewelry to shine for millennia!✨

Marble micromosaic jewels need some precautions for good preservation over time.

Here are some tips to keep your jewel and the mosaic inside perfect:


The part of the micromosaic composed of marble must never come into contact with chemical and corrosive agents that could damage the natural material (including chlorine).

Do not rub the micromosaic with sand or other materials that could scratch it.

If you have to wash it, don't leave it soaking in water (so don't wear it in water when you go to the beach or swimming pool) but wash it under running water with delicate soap (you can use a soft bristle toothbrush) and then dry it well.


Silver tends to oxidize over time but you can prevent and slow down oxidation by following these simple steps:

Avoid wearing it at the seaside and in the swimming pool and do not put it in contact with aggressive substances such as alcohol and cleaning chemicals.

The pH of our skin can also promote oxidation, so when you're not using it, rinse it with warm water, dry it well and put it back in its box.

Have you forgotten to follow these steps and your jewel has signs of oxidation?

Don't worry!

You can buy a silver cleaning cloth online or take your jewel to a goldsmith for cleaning (if you decide to take your jewel to the goldsmith's, remember the goldsmith to pay particular attention to the micromosaic part so that it is not damaged) .