All Asaroton pendants are made with a gold technique called "lost wax casting"

This technique is very ancient but is still used today in goldsmithing to create jewellery.

The first step consists in creating the wax model.

Today on the market you can find various types and forms of wax based on the model you want to create, some are hard: excellent for engravings, others softer and more suitable for being shaped and/or melted with special tools.

Once the model has been created, it is inserted into what is called a casting tree which allows you to create multiple jewels with a single metal casting.

the wax tree is wrapped in a layer of plaster that covers it completely.

once the plaster has hardened, the wax is melted and the latter is replaced with metal in the cavity left by the wax itself.

Subsequently, it will be enough to dissolve the plaster in cold water to extract the shaft that has become metal and proceed with the detachment of the individual models, their finishing and their polishing and cleaning.