Waiting times for jewellery

Each item in the Roma Collection, Asaroton Jewels Collection and Memento Mori is made on request every time an order is placed.

I rely on a goldsmith's workshop specialized in historical jewels for the creation of the goldsmith parts.

Depending on the availability of the goldsmith's workshop, I can go and collect the items immediately after receiving your order or after a few days.

Generally the collection is immediate and I will be able to process the order in 1-2 working days (1-5 days for jewelery containing mosaic).

However, it is possible to have to wait up to 15 days if the goldsmith laboratory does not provide immediate availability for collecting the items.

I advise you to contact me for precise information regarding waiting times in case you urgently need to receive your order by a specific date so we can find the most suitable solution for your case.