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Pod Necklace

Pod Necklace

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The only jewels inspired by mosaics.

The Baccello pendant was born from the study of a particular element present in a type of mosaic called Asaroton.

The Asaroton (or unswept floor) is a floor mosaic where abundant food remains are represented.

These mosaics were commissioned in the Domus of the wealthiest as a symbol of wealth.

The message that the mosaic wanted to convey was to show the opulence of food that the owner of the house could not only afford to eat but even waste.

We can compare this mosaic to a Birkin, a real status symbol.

The detail of the pod is taken from a detail present in the Asaroton preserved in Rome at the Vatican Museums.

The base of the pendant is in 800 silver and is made by a goldsmith's shop specializing in historical jewels. Every minimal irregularity in polishing or shape is desired and is the result of manual processing.

Pendant measurements: approximately 1.8 centimetres

The chain is made of 925 silver and measures 45 centimetres.

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