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The Bone mosaic takes inspiration from an element present in the Asaroton of Aquileia preserved in the Archaeological Museum.

Our interpretation of the Bone is very faithful to the version present in the Museum. We decided to soften the light and darks and make the entire subject brighter.

In its apparent simplicity this subject remains rich in details whose rendering depends on our ability to keep the patterns of the mosaic rigid and tense.

The workmanship in Opus Vermiculatum is very fine and accurate, the gaps between the tiles are neutralized to have an excellent visual rendering of the subject even when observed from very close up.

Everything is perfectly balanced and in harmony.

The choice of the Classic Travertine Marble Frame is designed to blend in with the pink Trani background. The Bone colors do not have a very strong contrast with the background, this makes the Bone painting the most delicate subject of the entire collection.

The design of the frame is particular, the two holes on the back will allow you to hang the picture on the wall without creating thicknesses between the picture and the wall (just insert two Fishers on the wall taking into account the distance of the holes on the frame).

We recommend not hanging the painting on plasterboard walls.

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