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ERCOLANO mini necklace

ERCOLANO mini necklace

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The Ercolano mini necklace, like all the jewels in the Collection, is inspired by one of the ancient cities of the Roman Empire.

The coloring is inspired by the most beautiful mosaic discovered in Herculaneum, the one in the gardens of the Domus of Neptune and Amphitrite.

The micromosaic embroidery, meticulously composed by hand, is made with two types of marble (Verde Ming and Verde Guatemala) and a central gold-leaf glass tile.

You can choose two types of finishing for marble micro tiles:

- Glossy Finish: the surface of the tiles will be shiny and smooth.

- Matte Finish: the surface of the tiles has a more natural and matte appearance. The texture of the marble to the sight and touch is in its natural form.

The base of the pendant is in 800 silver and is made by a goldsmith's shop specializing in historical jewels. Every minimal irregularity in polishing or shape is desired and is the result of manual processing.

Pendant diameter: 7mm

Pendant thickness: 3 millimeters

The chain is made of 925 silver and measures 45 centimetres
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